HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B Ex

Hi everyone~ So in this post I want to share to you my first impression tried HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B Ex that I got from CHARIS ♥

Okay first I will explain you what is CHARIS. CHARIS is the world's first influencer based commerce platform. So every beauty influencer all around the world make their own Charis shop.

For me, I add the products that have a good review and becoming the trending items to my CHARIS shop >> CLICK HERE >> hicharis.net/wonderfullyn

Before the products review, I want to share to you how Charis shipped their products because for me, this is important coz they shipped far away from my country :P

this is the box, with baby pink and Charis logo at the side of the box

shipped by EMS, for me EMS are the trusted one
and yeah you get FREE SHIPPING from the products that you gonna buy from my Charis shop

Hello gorgeous!

and the products that you will purchase from CHARIS gonna be safe! As you can see they put a loooottt of bubble wraps to make sure your products land safely on your hand ♥

it feels like I open a treasure cos I need to "dig" the bubble wraps lol

still in purrrrfecttttt condition♥

the very first CHARIS products that I've tried is HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B Ex

Ah just look at the packaging and it's really makes me fall in love with it! the rose gold packaging looks soooo elegant ♥

HANSKIN are one of the BB Cream pioneer and it's hard to buy their products from Indonesia, and I'm so happy to try this one.

the pump of the HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B Ex

Nah how it works on my skin? just watch the video below

for you that interested to buy HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B Ex you can click HERE to directly purchase it 

If you are looking for another K-beauty products that you want to try you can just visit my Charis shop HERE >> hicharis.net/wonderfullyn

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  1. Boxnya so priti! Baby pinknya lucu sumpaa..
    Botolnya Hanskin mewah banget gituu
    Cantik banget ♥

    ♥ www.phieselphie.com ♥