Take Care of Your Dry Lips with Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask

Dry lips are one of my problem and  I'm looking for the best lip treatment for my dry lips because wearing lip colors are one of the the most important makeup that I use everyday on daily basis. So taking care of my lips every single day is a must especially the current trending lip colors a.k matte lipstick sometimes makes my lips becoming dry *eventhough the colors are absolutely amazing*

I got this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask from Elsyoungid as they have a huge range of Petitfee products and I really love their eye patches that I use twice a week to take of my dark circle.
This Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask is their very first lip treatment products for dry lips. To be honest I think that this Petitfee Lip Mask was a dupe of the lip mask from Laneige Sleeping Mask line (which also have a coral pink packaging too)

information at the box such as direction how to use and how to storage the product
this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask used 5 kinds of highly nutritious plant oil balm type lip mask such as camellia oil, moringa oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil (like they made this lip treatment products with ingredients that famous for dry skin also dry lips)

another information and this side all in Korean language
*maybe it's a tips to take care of your dry lips*

the ingredients
oh ya and this is my very first time hear about the meadowfoam seed oil for lip treatment since I never hear about that here is a quick search from me :

the bottom side of the Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask

as the Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask comes with the glass jar, they put a cardboard inside the box so it will be more secured on the delivery process (since a glass jar sometimes makes me nervous lol)

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask also come with this petite spatula so you don't neet to use your finger to scoop the lip mask so it's more hygiene eventhough you will end up using your finger to apply and rub this lip mask on your lips

the jar of the lip mask cap come with silver stainless cap *and shiny*

a little closer of the Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask's spatula
it's so small and sometimes when I clean it with tissue, I almost throw it together with the tissue *LOL*

so here is the Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask 
the write "Special Care for the Night" on the upper side well Korean tend to love moist & gradients look but in Indonesia 

for the expired date of the Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask, Petitfee printed it on the bottom of the glass jar
For your information, I think Petitfee products usually have shorter expiration date which is great because they don't use to much preservative on their products

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask also come with another protection cap, to keep the product more hygienic

a little closer how Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask looks like
well since it still new you can see the oil *because the new balm oil types tend to sweat a little bit, just like cream blusher on cleansing balm*

 Really really love this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask as my regular lip treatment for my dry lips! Okay I really think this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask is a dupe of Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry because both of them have similiar scent, berries scent. The sweet berries scent that not too much and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all. Because Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask is like a sleeping pack, I tend to use it more like coat my lip with this and it doesn't feel heavy.
Since I obsessed with matte lip cream and I need extra lip treatment, I use it every night and it makes my lips softer because it feels like this products create a protecting barrier on my lips when I sleep as I always and will always to sleep in a low temperature air conditioning room.
I feel like this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask really nourishing and hydrating my lips *and so effective* because since I use this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask as my main lip treatment, I don't really need my lip scrub anymore on my dry lips before I use any lip colors. I also use it as a lip balm too for my daily basis and shockingly I left the Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner for this Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask as my on the go lip balm *even I don't where is my Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner one*
Really worth to try and you can get this with IDR 129.000 at @elsyoungid
such an affordable prices for a great lip treatment products

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