Lush Haul - Lush Singapore January 2018 Lush Chistmas

Finally a blogpost for my Lush Singapore haul from my trip to Singapore, last January. First I just wanted to share on my Instagram story but a few of my followers asked a lot of things regarding the Lush products that I bought and other Lush products *I'm on my way becoming a trully Lush junkies OMG* and I thought okay I'm going to make a blogpost so I can explain a lot! 

First of all, yup Singapore is not a country for an affordable Lush products, to be honest Lush Singapore a bit pricey if you compared it with Lush Korea or Lush Australia *oh well I haven't go to Japan and Lush Japan is one of the cheapest Lush in Asia Pacific after I check and compared the prices*
In my opinion, Lush Singapore products are coming from the Lush Japan so if you check the makers, you can see it's from Japan *yeah Singapore only have 5 Lush Stores and I think that they imported the products from Japan, but correct if I'm wrong*
FUN FACT : I've visited 4 Lush Stores so far and kinda proud of it, it felt like I visited every Lush Stores everyday since I stayed for 4 days on my last trip to Singapore
But still the flight ticket from Jakarta to Singapore is cheaper and I should be always buy Lush products wherever I go from now and in the future.

the very first one, the Layer Cake Soap

I don't know why the colors changed like this, I guest because of the melted naked shower gel

I don't why but the shower gel wrap become damp like this

and this Lush Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel broke too inside my luggage :'(
but I really fall on love with the sweet bubblegum scents

Lush Christingle both of these are my my very first body conditioner and I bought the naked and the pot one coz I really love the scents! It's full of mint and feel so fresh

the sizes of the naked and the pot one kinda similiar

but the color kinda different, the naked one has a deeper blue than the one inside the pot
I bought the Naked Christingle at Lush Wisma Atria Singapore and the pot one at Lush Suntec City
Lush shopping spree are one of the reasons for this January trip to Singapore lol

Lush Golden Pear
nah for this one I thought this one is Lush Cold-Press Soap but this one just the soap, to be honest I don't really read the information coz I thought the pears shape are so cute *I love pears*

so pretty and smells like a real pear 

Lush Snow Fairy Cold-Press Soap, I still search about Lush Cold Press Soap but I guess this one not melt as easy as the usual soap

this Snow Fairy Cold-Press Soap smells milder than the naked shower gel one

I don't really try to smell this one and don't really like this Sugar Sugar Body Scrub

UPDATE : a big no no for this sugar scrub, it's very tricky and hard to use

another scrub but this one made from salt, Lush Rub Rub Rub Solid Body Scrub

this one had a dried leaves *I guess* inside the scrub and the smells kinda very mild
and I love the color!

I didn't have any plan to buy this but when they showed me how this solid lip tint works, I want to grab this! The colors look natural on the skin *I tried on the back of my hand*
for the application I swipe this Lush Santa Baby Solid Lip Tint directly on my lips evethough the website instruction video use a lip brush for application

Lush Snap Gift Set! I unwrapped the gift wrap after I'v arrived to my hotel

this set contained 3 products :
- Whoosh Shower Jelly
- Rocketscience Bath Bomb
- Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar

I don't know when I can use the bath bomb and the bubble bar since I don't have any bathtub at home, maybe when I go to the spa or on vacation I guess.
I bought this set because of the sale, 50% off for the gift set from 50 SGD to 25 SGD
I want to bought the Whoosh Shower Jelly anyway and it's on 20 SGD, It felt like I paid 5 SGD to got the bath bomb & bubble bar

sooooo prettyyyyy and I kinda sad that I couldn't bought the Lush Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and the ButterBear Shower Jelly, I've visited 4 of all 5 Lush stores in Singapore to bought the shower jellies but all sold out, hoping Lush will relaunch the Lush Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and the ButterBear Shower Jelly for 2018 Chistmas collections.

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