This is my first time review a product and I'm going to review SHISEIDO Black Mask 

I heard that Shiseido masks are good for sensitive skin. I already buy this mask a long time ago and try it yesterday. "I'm trying to be a real girl lol "



-my cheek before use the mask-

-when I used the mask >.< -

-when the mask already dry and ready to removed-

-after use the mask -

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  1. do you know, this one is a fake shiseido and has been discontinued on REAL SHISEIDO since 1992 :\

    I suggest you better stop using it
    I used it too before

    anyway, wont you join my make up contest please? :D

  2. huuuaa really??? >.<
    thanks for your info Stella, I won't to use this one anymore
    make up constest on your blog?? :)
    I'm newbie in make up, I'm afraid my make up too bad
    but I'll try it :)

  3. Yes.. I stopped using it as well T__T
    It's not available on real shiseido counter, but I've seen it on Taiwan STREET market :\ really, scary XDDD

    anyway, no you dont have to upload it on photobucket, you can upload it on facebook and give me the link. You can also use tinypic or imageshack for photo sharing. All is up to you :)
    cmon just join! :D it's just for fun haha, and the make up is really simple ^_^