Introducing Tony Moly BCDation

Hello everyone~ I just visited Tony Moly website and found their new product. It's called BCDation.

Tony Moly BCDation

What is BCDation? BCDation is the combination of BB Cream + CC Cream and Foundation. Maybe some people still feel that BB Cream is too heavy and CC Cream doesn't cover your imperfection. I think because of the problems of each products, Tony Moly combine the existing excess from the BB, CC ad Foundation. Maybe the BCDation will give you a great coverage but it feels light as the CC Cream (I haven't try this lol).

Combination of BB Cream + CC Cream + Foundation

Victoria BCDation CF

BCDation also available in two shades #1 Bright Pink Beige and #2 Natural Beige. Oh ya, it's SPF 30 PA++ too.

So are you interested to try this new innovative product? ^^

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