Introducing Tony Moly BCDation

Hello everyone~ I just visited Tony Moly website and found their new product. It's called BCDation.

Tony Moly BCDation

What is BCDation? BCDation is the combination of BB Cream + CC Cream and Foundation. Maybe some people still feel that BB Cream is too heavy and CC Cream doesn't cover your imperfection. I think because of the problems of each products, Tony Moly combine the existing excess from the BB, CC ad Foundation. Maybe the BCDation will give you a great coverage but it feels light as the CC Cream (I haven't try this lol).

Combination of BB Cream + CC Cream + Foundation

Victoria BCDation CF

BCDation also available in two shades #1 Bright Pink Beige and #2 Natural Beige. Oh ya, it's SPF 30 PA++ too.

So are you interested to try this new innovative product? ^^

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  1. Pinter aja korea bikin produknya yah. selalu ada yang baru, selalu penasaran, selalu pengen coba, tapi gak ada duitnyaaa T^T hahahaha

  2. makin banyak aja varian base make up dari korea. belum selesai nyobain yang satu, udah bermunculan yang lain hahaha

  3. Review dong say, penasaran hasilnya nih hehehe, maunya...

    Btw i followed u, would u mind following me back? Thanks ^^

  4. ada lagiii yg baru ya XD hahaha
    aneh2 aja lhoo istilahnya.. jd inget BB dation punya etude kpn hr kurang booming.. :p
    thanks infonya lyn ^^