SON & PARK Lip Crayon in 21 Dry Flower

Have you hear a Korea cosmetics brand called SON & PARK? It's one of the hottest Korean cosmetics brand. If you haven't hear about it I will explain a little bit. SON & PARK is a cosmetics brand that was found by two top makeup artist in Korea, Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun. They're so famous in Korea especially Son Dae Sik is Jun Ji Hyun official makeup artist and he boost his fame outside Korea because Jun Ji Hyun's makeup look in mega hits drama "You Who Came From The Stars" yeah as you know the craze because of Jun Ji Hyun natural makeup in the drama with dewy skin and lips on point. And their infamous product is their Son & Park Beauty Water which is I also tried *will review it later ya*

Son Dae Sik & Park Tae Yun
Before the fame that they have launched their brand like in 2013 (I forget the exact time but it was when aegyosal makeup look became an eye makeup trend in Korea *even there is a plastic surgery to create an aegyosal and it's makes me errrrrrrrrrrr coz I think it's look like a puffy eyes*

SON & PARK Lip Crayon in 21 Dry Flower

simple black box as the packaging

the shades at the top of the box

SON & PARK Lip Crayon in 21 Dry Flower

the expired date on the bottom of the lip crayon

sometimes I don't really like about the lip crayon cap like this *for example the Mamonde one coz it's easily detached and the lip crayon ruined* but the Son & Park Lip Crayon have bigger cap so it's not easily come off

swatches of the SON & PARK Lip Crayon in 21 Dry Flower

I'm wearing SON & PARK Lip Crayon in 21 Dry Flower

SOOOO in love with this lip crayon!!! love the natural semi matte finish without drying my lips. Perfect daily nude lippies for me and easy to apply and glide on smoothly. It's can easily removed just using the facial tissue which is perfect for me coz I don't really like any lip color that stay on my lips when I eat, I think I eat chemicals thing with my food and it's kinda disturbing. This one has a rose scents but a little bit too strong for me who not a huge fans of rose scents so this is the only cons for me. Oh ya! It's really really hard to find some of the other shade of Son & Park in Korea, I'm looking for the Lip Crayon in Thrill at many Olive Young *the dark chocolote lippies* when I visited Korea, even I go to the non-tourist area but I still can't find it. For the prices this one is 18,000 won, not too affordable but a must try item if you love Korean cosmetics.

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